Berkeley Lab


The Proposal Process

All proposals to funding agencies must be submitted through LBL’s formal proposal submission process. Do not directly submit proposals to agencies – this is a violation of policy and will jeopardize your ability to accept an award if you are successful.

Contact Grants Analyst Early

If you are planning to submit a proposal for any upcoming deadline, please contact your Grants Analyst immediately. If you don’t know who your analyst is, please contact Justin Heady ( or (510) 486-6185).

Who May Submit a Proposal?

To submit a proposal through  the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory you must have Principal Investigator status. Employees with the following titles have Principal Investigator status: Research Scientist, Staff Scientist, and Senior Scientist. If you are not appointed in one of these titles your Grants Analyst will assist you in requesting status from the BSE Director.

Deadline Schedule for Required Proposal Components

 Proposal Type Notify Proposal/Grant Analyst* Title, Draft SOW/Docs, Budget Outline* Final Budget & Justification* Final Content*
DOE / Fed Prime 25 20 10 5
DOE / Fed Sub 20 15 10 5
Foreign 100 95 85 85
WFO/SPP 20 15 12 12
CRADA 30 25 15 15
Fellowships 15 10 5 5
Internal Funding Programs 15 10 5 5
* # of business days before submission deadline to submit to Grants Analyst

Once Awarded

As soon as you receive a notice of award or intent to award, please notify your Grants Analyst who will work with the appropriate LBL offices to finalize and accept the award.