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Safety Communications

Questions about safety and environmental compliance should first be directed to your supervisor or work lead.  The Emery Station Ops Center Safety Coordinator Ben Sandmann at [email protected], (510) 486-7855 (office) or (510) 499-5154 (mobile); and Facilities Manager Peter Marietta at [email protected], (510) 486-6031 (office) or (510) 967-6596 (mobile), are also sources of information.

Your work group has a representative to the Emery Station Ops Center Safety Committee (DSC). This representative can provide safety guidance and offer a conduit for you to pass on your concerns or ideas. Refer to this PDF document [TBD -forthcoming] for a current list of representatives.

For subject-specific safety topics, you can also contact the Subject Matter Contacts of the Environment /Health/Safety (EHS) Division. A list is provided on their website here.

A Building 978 / Emery Station Ops Center Emergency Contact Sheet can be downloaded here [TBD w/ new one].